2020 Spring Break Ideas


Somewhere between winter break and summer break, the week of spring break is there beckoning with the promise and appeal of warmth instead of extreme cold or heat. Spring break is the whisper of a vacation without the hectic holidays of winter or the potential boredom of summer to bring it down.

Of course, the existence and potential enjoyment of spring break is not surprising. Spring break isn’t a new concept. Colleges may have popularized the modern interpretation of spring break, but the partying that coincides with celebrating spring has been going on since the ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated the arrival of spring by honoring the god of wine.

It can be easy to ignore spring break, especially if you and/or your loved ones aren’t in school, but this time of year is perfect for a needed vacation. It’s 2020, and it’s a new decade. We have spring break ideas to fit every situation.

Spring Break Travel Destinations for Families

A parent’s priority isn’t finding a party, so the most popular and well-known spring break destinations often won’t coincide with family-friendly fun. For a beach within reach and without the rowdy antics of the party crowd, consider some of Florida’s destinations.

Cocoa Beach is a quaint surf town on the Atlantic coast of Florida that has family-run inns and beautiful beaches. Close to a wildlife drive in Merritt Island and Port Canaveral, there is a pier, a trolley and of course, the gorgeous beach all in one location.

Another Florida destination that has enough appeal for everyone in the family is Panama City Beach on the west coast. Not only does this city have powdery beaches, there are fishing trips, dolphin-spotting tours and air boat rides that explore nature.

For the west coast, Carlsbad in California offers theme parks, museums, beaches and Lego Land. It is also close to the San Diego Zoo. If you would rather stay in San Diego, you will still be in a family-friendly area as the beaches are patrolled by lifeguards. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy in this part of California.

For the Midwest, think about Wisconsin Dells. Full of water parks, theme parks and family fun like campsites, dinner theaters and mini golf, this vacation locale is certain to keep everyone entertained.

Are you craving some history and fun? San Antonio, Texas offers learning opportunities and attractions. Learn about the cultures of Texas and Mexico in between visits to amusements parks, like Sea World and Six Flags, museums and of course, great restaurants and shops.

Spring Break Travel Destinations for Party People

If you are in the mood to party for spring break 2020, there are several places to celebrate spring break in style. For beachgoers, Cancun, Mexico, is still attracting plenty of partiers with low cost airfare, alcohol, hotels and surf and sun activities.

With the beach and the club, Cancun has a lot to offer. It is no surprise that it has maintained a reputation and is still a premier spring break destination in 2020. In Cancun, you can party with people from all over the world.

Another beautiful beach locale is the U.S. Virgin Islands. English is the language; no passport is required, and U.S. dollars are used for currency here. This is a comfortable place for American tourists. St. Thomas is the most happening with a lot of nightlife.

If you don’t want to stray that far for your sun and party fix, Key West is waiting with bars for pub crawls on a beautiful island where everyone is welcome.

For warm weather, affordable stays and a partygoer’s fantasy come to life, South Padre Island draws spring breakers to Texas. It may not be an obvious choice, but in recent years, this has become the spring break place of pool parties, beach bars and dancing.

If you aren’t interested in the beaches, Park City in Utah is beckoning with skiing and snowboarding opportunities. There is snow in the Wasatch Mountains all the way until April, and there is fun nightlife too. This makes it perfect for a spring break 2020 getaway.

Sin city may not be an obvious choice for spring break, but this time of year is when Las Vegas really goes wild. Along with the nightclubs, bars, casinos and unique, fantasy-themed hotels, this city hosts awesome afternoon pool parties.

For another party spot with a different flavor, check out New Orleans. The Big Easy offers drinks, colorful beads, amazing jazz and flavorful Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Staying Home –Spring Break Ideas

Even if you aren’t leaving town, spring break should be acknowledged and enjoyed. Before the week begins, give yourself and your space a makeover. Change up your hair, get some spring break outfits together and plan some activities.

For giving your space a makeover, start by clearing clutter the weekend before spring break. Clean your space and buy some beautiful things to make you feel more creative and inspired. Pick out a beautiful spring bouquet to get you in the mood to celebrate spring. Our florists at Bouquet Florist and Gifts in Carmichael, CA, can put together the perfect flower arrangement for your space.

Plan some activities to make yourself feel like a spring break tourist. Go to some concerts, museums, hike or find a pool, beach or lake to visit. Make the most of your time and take pics as if you are rediscovering where you live. There is nothing wrong with being a tourist in your own area.

Spend time with good friends and family away from the distractions of technology. In the evening, try to find time to read or learn something new. Spring break is also an opportunity for self-improvement.

No matter what your situation is and whether you stay or go, don’t let spring break pass you by unnoticed. After all, fun is a state of mind.

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