Gift inspiration For March Birthdays


March is a fantastic month here in Sacramento, CA! The flowers are blooming and spring is on its way. Easter is right around the corner and Mother's Day follows right behind, so it can be a bit difficult to figure out birthday gift ideas with everything else going on. Your local florist, Bouquet Florist and Gifts has created a few ideas to help out!

March's birthstone is aquamarine, a beautiful sea colored stone. It is vibrant and comes in a variety of blues and greens. For March birthdays, think about gift ideas that include the aquamarine color. Jewelry is the most abundant March birthday gift, but if something unusual is what you want there are a lot of pretty journaling sets that come in the aquamarine color. If you can't be with your friend in person on their birthday, try flower delivery. For an aquamarine look try the Vibrant Floral Medley flower arrangement.

March is a great month to start new habits. For a woman's birthday in March, why not give them a basket of at home spa treatments? This includes face masks, bath bombs, nail polish, candles, citrus lotion and flowers. The flowers make the whole give have the spa feel and should match with the scents you choose. If you are uncertain of what type of flowers to use, check out the Spring Medley flower arrangement. If bath bombs are going into the basket, make sure to smell them first and make sure it won't stain the tub!

We hope that every March birthday is fantastic here in Sacramento, CA. Birthday gift ideas are always the hardest part even more so, when the gift is for someone you care about. As your local Sacramento, CA florist we would love to help with any birthday celebration. Feel free to stop in or call with any questions or order placement. Happy Birthday to all March babies!

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