Indoor Plants For Fall


Plants benefit the world outside of our homes, but did you know that they can benefit our lives inside of our homes? This year for National Indoor Plant Week our florists at Bouquet Florist and Gifts in Sacramento, CA, want to help you start your indoor plant collection by offering charming arrangements that will add life to any space.

This European Dish Garden arrangement would be a great kick start to anybody’s indoor plant collection. The lush greenery will look stunning in any space in your home. They make great conversation pieces as well. Place these arrangements all around your home from your front doorway to the kitchen, living room, office and even bedroom.

Indoor plants have many health benefits such as reducing stress and giving us clean oxygen. Plants clean the air which has been proven to reduce stress and create a better environment at work or home. Less stress allows people to work easier which leads to better performance. Every office space should allow room for greenery. Succulents and orchids release oxygen at night. Indoor plants have benefit us all day long.

If you have new neighbors a new house plant would be a perfect house warming gift. Be sure to include any care tips and instructions for the plant so your new neighbors will know how to care for the plant. It will be nice to see a plant grow and thrive as they get settled into their new home. The same could go for any new employees in your office. Make them feel welcome with a small plant or succulent for their desk.

This September celebrate National Indoor Plant Week by adding greenery all around your home. Create a healthier happy environment for yourself. Grab your friends and family and hit up your local Bouquet Florist and Gifts in Sacramento, CA, to pick out the perfect plants for your spaces.

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