Women's Friendship Month


Friendship between women come in various forms. There are the women you turn to at work, school or even the friends you’ve known for years. Our florists at Bouquet Florist and Gifts in Sacramento, CA have beautiful arrangements to help celebrate the many beautiful friendships in your life.

These arrangements are so bright and beautiful they light up any room. Any friend would feel instantly loved and appreciated if they received this gorgeous arrangement. The Pitcher Full of Sunshine arrangement is a perfect choice to give your besties.

Do you have a friend that you’ve known since childhood? What about the girls you met in college that turned out to be your besties? The girl-friends that have been there through your crazy trends and constant new obsessions are priceless. There are many ways to celebrate these friends in September. You can create a thoughtful friendship scrapbook with old photos or spend the day doing something the two of you enjoy doing together. Take some time for fun and thoughtful friendship days to celebrate your long-lasting bond.

There are friends we meet during certain seasons of life. Some come along and are going through the exact same thing as you. Friends you meet during motherhood are a prime example of this. A unique gift to give a fellow mama is a pampering day. Hang out while getting a pedicure or go to a yoga session together. If you can’t get away, plan a DIY pampering day at home! Nothing celebrates women’s friendship more than some relaxing, quality time.

This September, grab your girl-friends and celebrate women’s friendship month. Try different activities and create new memories with the girls that you love. Take every opportunity to make it about your friendship. Let our florists at Bouquet Florist and Gifts in Sacramento, CA are here to help you celebrate!

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